Why Sell to Canerector

Preserve Your Legacy

We differ from private equity groups who will immediately begin preparing your business for resale. We will not strip down your business in search of short term profit but instead look for opportunity to invest in its long-term growth. Regarding transition, we are flexible with respect to your exit strategy.

Financial Strength

We do not put our companies at the mercy of creditors. Canerector’s companies are debt-free and we own all our primary facilities. When the next recession comes, we will be ready for it.

We Pay Cash

With Canerector, the deal will not fall apart due to lack of capital. While other buyers may take months to find financing, Canerector maintains cash on hand to close every deal we offer on, so you won’t be wasting time on a buyer that cannot close

We Close Quickly

Our streamlined due diligence process combined with cash in the bank means we can close the purchase of your business in as little as two months while other buyers can take up to a year.

Investing In Our Growth

We are willing to make capital expenditures on facilities and equipment to ensure your business remains competitive. To date we have reinvested over $150 million in our businesses.