Operations Philosophy

With many years of experience in heavy industry, Canerector has a strong technical and operating focus. Our common goal is to improve our companies – not exploit them, helping them to thrive by being flexible and responsive.

Maintain Your Business Culture

All of our businesses operate autonomously with company managers acting like business owners. We take a hands-off approach, empowering managers to make their own business decisions.

We Won’t Slow You Down With Red Tape

Our businesses are not required to provide budgets or do formal reporting beyond providing monthly financial statements. Unlike many other multi-divisional companies where bureaucracy rules, our managers can spend their time proactively managing the successful operation of their businesses rather than catering to corporate requirements.

We Are Familiar With The Industry

All of the businesses we own are focused in the metal fabrication industry and its related services. By sticking to industries we know, we are well positioned to understand the challenges and opportunities facing your business.