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Our Team

Canerector staff have a strong technical and operating focus, many with decades of experience in heavy industry. We abstain from using titles at Corporate Office, preferring to think of ourselves as serving our companies rather than overseeing them. All of us share a common goal to improve our companies, not exploit them; helping them to thrive by being flexible, and responsive to their operational requirements.

Cecil Hawkins

Cecil was 15 years old when he first started working at Canadian Erectors and has made the business his lifelong obsession. He began as a boilermaker apprentice on field erected storage tanks and pulp and paper mill boilers. Later, he worked in Canadian Erectors’ fabricating plant, and in drafting, purchasing, sales, and project management. He has been Canerector’s chief executive since 1982, and having overseen 30 acquisitions, his interest in novel opportunities continues to keep him active in shaping the overall direction of the company.

Maynard Young

Maynard joined Canerector in 1985. Since then, Maynard has developed our best practices for banking, bonding, insurance and legal with regards to Canerector’s businesses and has supervised the acquisition of 25 companies. Acting as CFO, Maynard oversees finance and administration for both the Corporate Office as well as the companies, while remaining active in the acquisition process.

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda has shown a fascination for the industry and a strong determination to learn the business from the ground up and has worked at many of Canerector’s businesses. Her practical experience includes working on a jobsite as a customer and field crew liaison as well as drafting, engineering, estimating, sales and project management. She is now at Canerector’s corporate office working full-time as a division liaison.

Jonathan Puddy

Jonathan joined Canerector in 2002 with the task of developing new business opportunities. His experience includes 20 years in the steel industry working in a private family-owned business. Jonathan has successfully completed eight acquisitions for the company and oversees our acquisition staff while also acting as a division liaison.

Paul Tuzi

Paul is one of our division liaisons and is also active in pursuing new acquisition opportunities. Paul’s experience includes 15 years in foundry operations in the automotive sector where he rose through the ranks, from process engineering and plant maintenance to production and general management.

Stuart Fraser

Stuart heads up the team responsible for sourcing and valuing new business opportunities. An engineering technologist with 20 years experience in production and business development, Stuart joined Canerector having successfully managed several acquisitions in the role of both a buyer and a seller, with the goal of growing and sustaining businesses for long term growth.

Ahmed Fawal

Fully bilingual in French and English, Ahmed is involved in exploring new business opportunities. Ahmed brings practical expertise in identifying and developing process improvements for Canerector businesses from his engineering background in the automotive industry.

Frank Lee

Frank joined Canerector from the label and paper industry and shares the role of exploring new business opportunities. Frank’s engineering background had him working on turnkey projects; managing the design, installation and commissioning of custom-designed machinery.