Acquisitions Criteria

We have a long history in the metal fabrication industry, and our familiarity with this sector has served us well. We are continuously on the lookout for companies which add value to our portfolio of businesses. In addition to complementary acquisitions which enhance product offerings or markets served, there are a number of other key factors we consider when buying a business:

Bottom Line Focus

We look for firms with a history of profitability that have shown minimum average yearly EBITDA of $2 million.

Strong Management In Place

We look for companies that we want to keep long term, not sell. A company that we feel is worthwhile has committed management in place, whose industry knowledge and leadership skills can continue to be utilized to ensure the ongoing success of the business.

Complete Ownership Transfer

We prefer acquisitions where we can purchase all of the shares or assets, inclusive of real estate.

North American Companies

Currently, all of our businesses are located in Canada and the United States, with clientele around the globe. We believe the best interests of our companies will be served by considering opportunities within our current geographical scope.

Metal Related Businesses

All of our businesses relate to metal is some way. We prefer companies with an engineered product and a defendable market niche.